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Starry Sky's chamber - AETHER 

The Locality and its Gods

Subterranean chamber - earth
Queen's chamber - water
King's chamber - air
Sun's chamber - fire
Starry sky's chamber - aether

For the King or for the Priests?

Grand Gallery - fire on earth
To Gallery or water's chamber?
Interesting Ante-chamber
Earlier pyramids

This old drawing [1] shows how little there is left of this chamber. There may be remnants of a large statue, that's about it.

The chamber had the shape of the pyramid. In fact you can say it was a small copy of the total pyramid, and thereby a suitable representation of the aether element, the origin of all matter.
Anyway, this was NUT's chamber, chamber for the starry sky (This could be an argument for stating that perhaps the chamber wasn't covered by the pyramid's casing stones, allthough it still should be comprehended as a chamber - because then it could act as star observatory. Who knows?)

[1] Drawing by Lane, from C.W. Ceram: Mennesker og Guder i 5000 Śr (danish title)

  For the King or for the Priests?...