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The Locality and its Gods

Subterranean chamber - earth
Queen's chamber - water
King's chamber - air
Sun's chamber - fire
Starry sky's chamber - aether

For the King or for the Priests?

Grand Gallery - fire on earth
To Gallery or water's chamber?
Interesting Ante-chamber
Earlier pyramids

Through the Chambers
of the
Cheops Pyramid

Size an place of chambers
are given by
local Gods
for elements


full picture of the system of chambers
including two "new" ones
Architecture is a language of form 
- It gives us three-dimensional histories about the use of buildings, about the time they were built
- and about what the builders were thinking.

One building continuously fascinates us: the Cheops pyramid (or Khufu’s pyramid) in Egypt. Overwhelmingly big it has survived since antiquity. You can hardly imagine that it would be possible to build it at all today - and yet it was done four and a half thousand years ago!
Though we know a lot about Ancient Egypt, we still - amongst many other things - do not fully understand why they formed the interior of this pyramid like they did.

These pages deliver a simple key to understanding the interior layout.

The chambers have been designed to have exactly the size and form they have and to be exactly where they are.  

There is a symbolism, deductable from the architecture, which as well gives us insight in the religious beliefs of the time as makes us understand the overall design.

This leads to the surprising conclusion that there must be one more chamber to be found: the Sun's chamber. It is situated higher in the pyramid than the hitherto known three chambers. And the flat top once was a chamber too.